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Sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge, and unlock your potential with our transformative trainings, featuring dynamic workshops, insightful seminars, and hands-on learning opportunities tailored to empower and equip you for success in your Scouting journey.

Due to the number of training sessions available to participants, this page will highlight specific trainings and each category. We recommend viewing the Program Registration Guide, linked at the bottom of this page, to learn more about a specific training.

National Council of Chiefs (NCOC)

The youth session of the NCOC is for Lodge Chiefs plus one up-and-coming youth leader from each lodge. Section Chiefs are also invited to attend. The NCOC is an opportunity for leaders from around the country to gather in one place for collaboration and input on the direction of the Order of the Arrow as participants explore and tackle challenges facing our organization.

There will also be a separate adult session intended for Lodge Advisers, Lodge Staff Advisers, and Section Advisers.

Hackathon: 2024 NOAC Hackathon

Embark on a thrilling journey of innovation and collaboration at our high-energy event, promising an electrifying and hands-on experience. We focus on identifying challenges, sparking creativity, and crafting solutions across all organizational tiers. Delegates will be fully immersed in an engaging lineup featuring captivating presentations, a dynamic creativity and ideation session, and a thrilling hackathon competition with tracks tailored for both beginners and those with existing programming skills.

Thursday launches with a special lunch, paving the way for teams to form and dive headfirst into the hackathon. The afternoon session unfolds as teams collaborate on innovative solutions, interspersed with exciting program opportunities and vendor presentations, leading to a hackathon dinner that fosters networking and camaraderie.

The climax awaits on Friday morning at the 2024 NOAC Hackathon, where teams shine before judges, resulting in the acknowledgment of outstanding ideas and teams. Beyond the judging process, delegates will experience an exhilarating panel featuring presentations on cutting edge topics like AI, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity. The morning culminates in an awards ceremony celebrating innovation and excellence.

This 2024 NOAC Hackathon promises not only recognition but also an insightful exploration of the forefronts of technology and security. Join us for an unforgettable convergence of creativity, recognition, and exploration as we collectively elevate the Order of the Arrow to new heights. Don’t miss this exciting event, where we explore, innovate, and celebrate together!

Note: This session will be Thursday noon-9 pm AND Friday 8:30 am-11:30 am.

An Introduction to Polestar

Polestar: Induction Leadership Training is a powerful national training program for sections and lodges to train Arrowmen to lead every aspect of the Induction. In this introductory class, learn how Polestar can benefit your lodge’s induction and activation, how to customize the program for your lodge’s needs, and prepare to host it in your lodge.

Category: Keynote Sessions

The Keynote Sessions offer a diverse range of topics and experiences for attendees. From delving into the software that powers the OA to exploring Python application development, participants can gain insights into innovative tools and technologies. Sessions on creating pop-up museums, effective council BSA alumni committees, and engaging in local lodge history provide practical skills and resources. Additionally, leadership sessions focus on public speaking, equitable and inclusive leadership, and effective presentation skills, aiming to transform attendees into confident and impactful communicators.

Category: Leadership

This section offers training sessions on various topics aimed at both up-and-coming and current leaders. Some of the topics covered are time management, goal setting, and understanding your leadership style. Other sessions focus on fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, and the importance of self-care.

Category: Life Skills

This section covers a variety of topics that would be helpful for young adults entering college or the workforce. Arrowmen can learn about scholarships, financial literacy, and how to write a resume. There are also sessions on public speaking and communication skills.

Category: Lodgecraft

This section covers the traditions and practices of the Order of the Arrow. It offers sessions on inductions, ceremonies, and chapter operations. Leaders can learn how to improve their lodge’s inductions and communication processes. There are also sessions on patch collecting and the history of the Order of the Arrow.

Category: STEM & Sustainability

The STEM & Sustainability section offers a diverse range of educational opportunities. Participants can delve into Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), explore campus sustainability features through guided tours, and engage in hands-on STEM events. Sessions cover topics such as invasive plant management, permacultures, and animal habitat preservation. Additionally, outdoor projects focusing on trail construction and erosion control provide practical conservation experience. The section also includes training to become a Leave No Trace instructor, emphasizing ethical behavior and environmental stewardship within the scouting community.

If you are looking for more information on how to register for an event, we recommend viewing the Program Registration Guide.