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Program Registration Guide

The Program Registration Guide is a resource for lodge contingent leaders, delegates, staff, parents, and others interested in the training and program opportunities that will be available at the 2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference. This guide complements the NOAC 2024 Activities Catalog available through the National Order of the Arrow Registration System (NOAERS), which can be found here.

Between April 22 and May 17, delegate, staff, and contingent registration for conference program will open in NOAERS. Beginning April 22, delegates, staff, and contingent leaders need to individually log in to choose their activity preferences. This guide lists the conference program currently scheduled to be offered, and should be used as a reference as you choose your preferences on the registration website. If delegates wish to take part in any activity labeled a “contingent” activity, they should speak with their contingent leader, as delegates will be unable to register for these events themselves.

Featured Programs

Adventure Central – Adventure Central is one of the premier program events of the conference, designed for the adventurous individual who likes to seek out new experiences. Program offerings include a variety of activities ranging from rock climbing, STEM activities, outside exhibitors, and more.

ACES Village – Engage with some of the country’s leading conservation experts at the ACES Village. The village will feature conservation exhibitors from the local area and nationally such as Leave No Trace, Open Space and Mountain Parks, US Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service and many more. The village hosts a variety of activities: come play in the dirty in our trail building sandbox, shoot some disc golf while learning the importance of low impact sports and test your scouting skills in the OA High Adventure area!

Boulder Bash – Boulder Bash is the ultimate celebration of camaraderie and community at NOAC! Our lineup of events promises something for everyone, from live musical entertainment to friendly yard games that will put your skills to the test. Join us as we pay tribute to our nation’s first responders and military with a heartfelt salute, honoring their service and sacrifice.

Elevate Festival – During the Friday of NOAC, delegates will become fully immersed at the Elevate Festival. The three features of the Elevate Festival include:

Experience – Whether it’s chowing down on some food from a food truck, jamming out at the silent disco, taking on a giant obstacle course, or just vibing in a chill tent, the options for fully immersing yourself in the final hours of NOAC will leave delegates with new experience and memories to take home.

Entertainment – Elevate festival will feature loads of entertainment including live music, special stage presentations, a mascot conga line, and special drops of Elevate-exclusive giveaways.

Exchange – Lodges will compete in multiple categories to see which Lodge brings the best booth. You are encouraged to feature your best practices, exciting activities, regional culture, lodge history, and unique experiences from their home area.

Shows – Come on out for our shows, taking place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday night! Shows will be held in CU events center, and will be attended by thousands of your fellow Arrowmen. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest highlights of NOAC!

Section Gatherings – Immediately following the Boulder Bash, you will have the opportunity to engage in fellowship with Arrowmen from across your section!

And So Much More!

Program Registration FAQs

Q: How does program registration work?

A: Beginning April 22, delegates can request activities of interest in NOAERS. At this time, delegates, staff, and contingent leaders need to log in and choose their activity preferences. If you wish to partake in any activity labeled a “contingent” activity, you should speak to your contingent leader as delegates will be unable to register for these events on your own. Don’t feel the need to maximize the number of selections—only request activities that you are truly interested in and want to participate in. The last day to make requests is May 17, so be sure to finalize your requests before then. In early July, delegates, staff, and contingent leaders will be provided their conference schedules via NOAERS.

A: Individual activities are signed up by delegates themselves through their NOAERS Attendee Dashboard. Contingent activities are often team or leadership events that are limited to a certain number of people per contingent. Contingent activities must be signed up by the contingent leader through their contingent leader dashboard. Notify your contingent leader if you are interested in participating in a contingent activity.

A: It is recommended for each youth delegate to put eight training activities and five general activities on their preference list. Youth are required to put at least six training activities on their list. Adult delegates are required to put at least two training activities on their list. Be sure to reorder your preferences with the activity you are most interested in participating in at slot #1. We will fill schedules based on these preferences working from your #1 slot to the end of your list. 

A: If a delegate does not express interest in any program by May 17, they will not receive an initial schedule in early July. However, they will be able to login to NOAERS after initial schedules are published and add any activity that has capacity remaining. Please note, with NOAC 2024 being sold out, we do not expect extra capacity available in July. As such, delegates and contingent leaders should strive to meet the May 17 deadline.

A: Schedule will be released in the first week of July after the capacity of each program offering is finalized. All registered NOAC attendees will be notified via email when activity schedules are available. 

A: Activity requests are fulfilled based on availability, interest, and scheduling needs of the conference. Conference staff will do their best to match your requested schedule; however, it is possible that some activity requests may not be fulfilled. Once schedules are released in July you will have the ability to modify your schedule (drop or add activities) based on remaining session availability. Schedules will remain editable up until and during the conference.

A: Each event with a cost will be listed with the specific cost in NOAERS when program registration opens on April 22. Current prices are listed on the activity catalog, but are subject to change before April 22.

A: When schedules are released in July, delegates enrolled in an activity will have that cost added to their dashboard in NOAERS. Delegates will need to pay these fees independently through NOAERS by July 19. If the fee is not paid by July 19, unpaid enrolled delegates and staff will be dropped from the activity. Contingent leaders and councils cannot pay for activity fees on behalf of their delegates.

A: There are some activities that require a secondary waiver outside of the general conference waivers and agreements. Delegates who are scheduled into these activities will be notified via email of the additional requirement(s) and submission deadline(s). Any delegate who does not submit the required paperwork will be removed from the activity.

A: Delegates should reach out to their contingent leader. Any contingent leader who has a question or receives a delegate question they cannot answer should contact their Contingent Concierge or concierge@oa-bsa.org