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For 2024 NOAC, all delegates and staff wishing to park their car on the University of Colorado Boulder campus are required to purchase a parking permit, per the university’s parking regulations. Please review the guidelines below:

  • A permit must be purchased for each vehicle and is not transferable from one vehicle to another during the conference.
    • If vehicles are being rented in the days leading up to the conference, parking permits may be purchased in advance to “hold your spot” and exact permit details may be edited once the rental vehicle make, model, and license plate are known.
  • Delegates and staff should purchase parking permits for the lot nearest their housing assignment. Permits are valid for a specific lot and are not general “park anywhere” style permits.
  • The cost of the base permit is $20 and additional days for staff are $10 per day.
  • The base permit price is for the entire conference (July 29 – August 3).
    • Staff members have the option to purchase permits for additional days reflective of their arrival to campus on their assigned arrival date.
  • When purchasing a permit, the system requires your vehicle information, including your license plate.
  • Permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Therefore, please do not purchase a permit until you know which vehicle(s) you will be bringing to campus.
  • All parking permits at the University of Colorado Boulder are based on the license plate of the vehicle and no permits will need to be printed.

Each parking permit allows access to one parking spot. For contingents who wish to bring a trailer, an additional permit must be purchased for the trailer, even if it remains attached to a vehicle. The permit should include the trailer’s license plate.

Parking permits will be available for purchase beginning in July 2024 from a special university parking website setup for NOAC.

This page will be updated to include this information once it is available.