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Airport Transportation Primer

The NOAC Transportation team has established shuttle service between the Denver International Airport (DEN), Denver Union Station (UNION) and the University of Colorado Boulder campus (CU Boulder) for NOAC Contingents, Staff, and individual delegates. Travel time between DEN and the CU Boulder is approximately 50 minutes; the time from UNION is approximately 60 minutes. The shuttle fee is $30 one-way, or $60 round-trip, per person. Fees will be billed to the council after NOAC for contingents. Staff, and individual delegates must make credit card payments in their National Order of the Arrow Registration System (NOAERS) account. Fees will be assessed immediately upon reservation.

Key Dates:

  • April 22 – Shuttle reservation requests open in NOAERS
  • June 28 – Last date to enter shuttle reservation request in NOAERS
  • July 25-28 – Staff arrival dates
  • July 29 – Contingent and individual delegate arrival date
  • August 3 – All attendee departure date

After shuttle reservations close, Contingent and Staff Services will communicate specific arrival and departure information, including fee assessment in NOAERS, to all contingents, staff, and individual delegates who request airport or train station transportation. Shuttle reservation costs are non-refundable after June 28, 2024.

Setting up a Contingent Shuttle Reservation:

All shuttle reservations for contingents are made within NOAERS, in the “Travel” section. Only Contingent Leaders are responsible for making shuttle reservations, not individual members of the contingent. If your contingent has members arriving or departing at different times (i.e., different flights), input each travel record separately in the “Travel” section. Contingent leaders will be required to associate each member of their contingent to a travel mode. Plan flight arrivals and subsequent travel time to CU Boulder to arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Setting up a Staff and Individual Delegate Shuttle Reservation:

All shuttle reservations for staff and individual (non-contingent) delegates are made within NOAERS, in the “Travel” section. Staff members are responsible for making their own shuttle reservation requests. Staff members should only book travel when they have been assigned an arrival date by their Lead Adviser. NOAC is unable to accommodate shuttle transportation on a day other than your assigned arrival date.

Shuttle Departures from CU Boulder to DEN or UNION for Contingents and Staff:

NOAC departure shuttles to DEN or UNION will run as early as necessary to accommodate morning departures. Departures from CU Boulder will be scheduled a minimum of three hours before your departure. Assigned departure times and pick-up locations will be communicated on Thursday, August 1 via the conference electronic communications, conference app, and within your NOAERS account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shuttles will depart regularly from DEN or Union Station, but the final departure schedule is managed by the shuttle provider and the NOAC Transportation team. This could result in a short layover between the time you arrive at the shuttle location and when the shuttle departs for CU Boulder. The team will do the best they can to accommodate contingents in scheduling.
  • The shuttle provider allows you to bring up to two suitcases of no greater than 50 lbs. or 62 linear inches and one carry item which must be able to fit under your seat or in the compartment overhead. Oversized bags, larger than 62 linear inches, cannot be accommodated on shuttles.
  • The NOAC Transportation team will be monitoring flights as provided in NOAERS to proactively respond to travel delays. Alternate shuttle accommodations will be made if flight disruptions cause a shuttle to be missed.
  • Commuter staff who request a shuttle will be dropped off at the Staff Check-In area and then be responsible for their transportation through the rest of NOAC. Similarly, if requesting a shuttle for departure commuter staff will be told a central, on-campus location for pick-up to be brought to the airport or train station; shuttles will not pick up at offcampus locations.
  • Note: Prior to NOAC, a Transportation team member contact and cell phone number will be provided in the event you have a travel disruption or need further assistance upon arrival.

Additional NOAC shuttle information will be sent in advance of your arrival.
Please contact your Contingent Concierge or email concierge@oa-bsa.org if you have any questions regarding NOAC transportation.

Travel Input and Shuttle Request Guide

Inputting Travel Information and Requesting a Shuttle

The first step to being able to request a shuttle is having your Travel information in NOAERS.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Under “My Events” select “National OA Conference 2024”.
  3. Select either your attendee or if you are inputting as a Contingent Leader, select your Contingent.
  4. Then select the “Travel” section from the menu on the right side. If the menu is not open select the button in the upper left hand corner.
  5. Select “add new” under the Arrival Records category.
  6. Then choose your travel mode from the drop down menu. If you are unsure what mode to pick, please read through the descriptions of each.
    NOTE: Travel mode should be the last mode of travel before you arrive at NOAC or require NOAC provided shuttles. For example, if you fly into DEN and then carpool to campus with other attendees, you would select ‘Personal Vehicle’ as NOAC does not need the flight details.
  7. Once you have selected your travel mode, you will be prompted to input your travel information.
  8. Input your information as accurately as possible. This holds especially true for those traveling by train and airplane. Enter information EXACTLY as it is on your ticket unless specified otherwise in the directions on the page.
  9. Then, if you would like to request shuttle service, click to check the “I want Shuttle Service ($30.00)” button. Note: Your reservation code will be input by staff at a later time.
  10. Click “Save” when complete.
  11. Repeat steps 5-9 for your Departure Records as well.
A section titled "Arrival Records" on a webpage, which has a gray background and a blue "add new" button. Underneath the button, the word "Details" is displayed, with an empty horizontal line below it, indicating no records are present.
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A travel form asks for arrival date, arrival time, carrier, and route information with fields for each. Shuttle service is available from 7/26/2024 to 7/29/2024 with options for shuttle service ($30) and wheelchair access. There are fields for reservation code and notes.
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Contingent Leader Travel Assignments

Contingent Leaders will be required to input travel details for all contingent delegates. If the contingent is arriving by multiple modes (i.e. some by airplane, others by personal vehicle), both will need to be entered and have delegates assigned to their appropriate mode.

  1. When entering arrival and departure details, select the Contingent Members who will be travelling via that mode using the check boxes next to their names.
  2. Click “Save” when complete.
  3. You will be able to see if a Contingent Member is already assigned to another travel record. You can select this member when editing and it will update their individual travel details (record will be updated, not duplicated). 
  4. Contingent Leaders must ensure that every Contingent Member has travel information submitted.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for Departure Records as well.

Please contact your Contingent Concierge or email concierge@oa-bsa.org if you have any questions regarding NOAC transportation.

A user interface for travel and contingent member assignment. It includes options to select a travel mode, with a dropdown for "Personal Vehicle - Includes rental cars, passenger vans, etc." On the right, there's a list to assign contingent members with a check-all box.
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The image shows a part of a web interface for assigning contingent members. There are "Check ALL" and "Clear ALL" buttons. Below, there is a checkbox for a member named Brown, Jackson - Male/64, with a tag next to it saying "Assigned Elsewhere.
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Airline Group Rate Information

The Contingent and Staff Service group has worked with the major airlines to provide contingents with the most up-to-date and accurate information on group discounts with major airlines. Most airlines offer group rates for contingents between 10-80 passengers with flexible payment terms convenient for contingents. We hope this information is useful in providing Arrowmen the best experience at the lowest cost possible to attend a great conference!

Contingent Side Trips

Philmont Scout Ranch is pleased to offer lodge contingents a pre/post-conference adventure in Cimarron, NM. Lodges may choose from a three-day conservation adventure, a two-day backcountry adventure, a basecamp overnight, or a post-NOAC overnight adventure. To register, please contact Amanda.Martinez@scouting.org.

Accommodations During Travel

Contingent and Staff Services have coordinated with the Fairfield Inn – Denver Cherry Creek (1680 South Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO, 80222, US) to provide an opportunity for contingent accommodations during travel. The hotel is within easy access of I-25 (approximately 35 miles from CU Boulder) and includes complimentary breakfast and bus parking. The hotel can also offer group discounts and has a total of 60 Double-Double rooms and 35 King Suites with brand new Double Sofa Sleepers available. To reserve space for your contingent, call the hotel at (303) 691-2223 and mention that you are attending the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Conference.