A white image in the shape of an outline of mountains.

Branding Guidelines

Please review the NOAC Contingent Branding Guidelines for key information developed in conjunction with the University of Colorado Boulder about official National Order of the Arrow Conference event-specific patches, memorabilia and insignia.

Additional Branding Resources

The NOAC Conference Committee has provided additional resources to lodges and sections to support their efforts in creating content relating to NOAC. 

Logo with the acronym NOAC in red and gray letters.

NOAC Primary Logo

A graphic with the acronym 'NOAC' in bold black letters against a white background.

NOAC Black Logo

A graphic with the acronym 'NOAC' in bold white letters against a black background.

NOAC White Logo

A graphic for the Elevate Festival, featuring stylized mountains with the sun rising or setting behind them. Text below reads "ELEVATE FESTIVAL AUG 2 2024 CU BOULDER.

NOAC Elevate Festival Logo

A large crowd of people in a conference arena with a stage and screen displaying a speaker. The crowd is wearing matching uniforms and some are holding flags. The words "NOAC" are displayed at the top.

Zoom Background 1

A crowded indoor event with rows of people in scout uniforms sitting on tiered seats, some holding banners, with ambient stage lighting, and a large 'NOAC' logo at the top.

Zoom Background 2

A busy indoor gathering with numerous people wearing backpacks and similar attire, looking at displays and engaging with each other. Many are wearing hats or caps, some seated at tables, and others are standing or walking. In the background, there is a directory sign with room and activity listings. Red and blue graphics are overlaid at the top with the text "NOAC" on the top left.

Zoom Background 3