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What to Pack for NOAC 2024

As you get ready to head to Boulder, CO for NOAC 2024, make sure you’re prepared. Check out this packing list.

You probably know the basics. Your Scout field uniform, commonly called a “Class A,” will be required for all evening shows. This includes the official Scout uniform shirt, a Scouting belt, Scout pants or shorts, Scout socks, and your OA sash. Additionally, the Scout activity uniform is worn for daytime training and program activities. Commonly called a “Class B,” this uniform includes an activity shirt, a Scouting belt, Scout pants or shorts, and Scout socks.

While your list may vary based on your specific program selections, a NOAC pack would be incomplete without the following items:Scout unpacking items from bus

  • Breathable clothing for cool evenings and warm days, including shorts, long pants, and undergarments, in addition to your uniforms. You may also want to bring a Scouting sweatshirt or jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Sturdy closed-toe walking shoes and plenty of socks.
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, shaving needs, comb/brush, and soap. Shower shoes are also recommended.
  • Smartphone or tablet to access conference app and charging cables
  • Rain jacket
  • Sleeping garments
  • Day pack
  • A fan, in case your dorm does not have air conditioning
  • A camera to capture the memories you’ll be making at NOAC 2024 if you don’t have one on a smartphone or tablet
  • Flashlight and batteries. Keep in mind airline and TSA restrictions surrounding batteries when flying
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and medications
  • Water bottle
  • Notebook and pen to take notes during training sessions
  • Cheerful attitude!

Though all Arrowmen uploaded a copy of their BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A, B, and C through NOAERS, delegates must provide a copy with all three parts to their contingent leader. You should also make sure that you complete and bring any activity-specific waivers as it will be difficult to get them completed on-site in time for the activity.

One of the unique features of NOAC is that you will be staying in a college dorm. Therefore, some items you might normally expect to bring with you will be provided by your residence hall, and you should not plan to bring the following items to NOAC unless there is some sort of special circumstance:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillow and pillowcase (you can keep your provided pillow!)
  • Washcloth
  • Towel
  • Blanket, if your dorm has air conditioning (one will be provided, but if you want more, you would need to bring them)

Some of these items are contingent on your dorm having or not having air conditioning. Dorm assignments will be made by July 22 and dorm buildings, including air conditioning status, will be made available to contingent leaders at that time.

Scouts with clear drawstring bagsSome of the most iconic NOAC events are the evening shows, which will take place at the CU Events Center. Like many sports arenas around the country, the CU Events Center has a clear bag policy. In addition to the clear bag, Arrowmen will be allowed to bring in a single plastic reusable water bottle (may not be metal, hydroflask, Stanley, etc.) that is no larger than 51 oz/1.5L.

The following items are strictly prohibited inside of the CU Events Center:

  • Bags or containers that are not clear or are larger than 12” x 6” x 12”
    • Clutches and purses smaller than 4.5” x 6.5” are exempt from this restriction
    • Medically necessary bags are also exempt but are subject to additional inspection
  • Coolers of any size or style
  • Firearms or weapons of any type, including pocket knives
  • Selfie/GoPro Sticks, flags on poles, other types of sticks, poles or similar objects that can be used as a weapon
  • Fireworks, drones or laser pointers
  • Non-factory sealed beverages or filled liquid containers
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs (including medical marijuana)
  • Glass or metal bottles or cans
  • Full size strollers
  • Umbrellas of any size
  • Artificial noise makers such as whistles, air horns, thunderstix or any other item used to make artificial noise
  • Any unapproved signs or banners
  • Professional grade video or camera equipment (e.g. telephoto lenses), tripods, or monopods
  • Footballs, frisbees, inflatable balls, and sporting equipment of any kind
  • Bikes, scooters, skateboards, or skates
Permitted Bags at NOAC 2024
Prohibited Bags at NOAC 2024

Prepared with this information, you can prepare your pack for an incredible week. We’re looking forward to seeing you later this month!