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Remote Delegate Program Connects Arrowmen to NOAC 2024

Being a Remote Delegate at NOAC 2024 is the best way to experience NOAC from the comfort of your home. Arrowmen attending the conference virtually will be more connected to NOAC than ever before, thanks to a brand new Remote Delegate Box and a completely redesigned virtual platform! Registrations for Remote Delegates are still being accepted.

Remote Delegates will get their first taste of the conference delivered straight to their doorsteps via the Remote Delegate Box. It will contain an assortment of items exclusive to Remote Delegates–including a special event patch — to help them fully participate in the immersive NOAC experience and will not be available to in-person attendees.

Remote Delegates will also gain access to an exclusive virtual platform on the conference website. Each program area works with the NOAC 2024 Remote Delegate team to provide exclusive activities and access through the virtual platform. Remote Delegates from around the country will strengthen the bonds of Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow in ways only enabled through technology. With many exciting surprises planned for the platform, it will be where Remote Delegates can access training, live-streamed programming, and exciting ways to “Seek New Heights” from their own home.

If you know someone still looking to experience NOAC 2024, it’s clear that the Remote Delegate program is the best way to do it. Encourage your Brothers to sign up as Remote Delegates today to get in on the action!