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Remote Delegate Program Brings Excitement to You!

For those who can’t attend NOAC 2024 in person, the conference’s Remote Delegate Program is the perfect opportunity to join the fun!

Arrowmen who sign up as remote delegates will receive everything they need to have their own NOAC experience from home. Each remote delegate will receive a 2024 Remote Experience Package, an exclusive offering for all remote delegates, which will contain unique items to enhance your NOAC experience, wherever that is! From daily engagement activities to smaller daily accessories and conference patches, this exclusive offering will be yours to use during NOAC! The only way to get one of these coveted packages is to sign up as a remote delegate.

Remote delegates will also get to see each NOAC show! The arena shows, which are put on every night except Thursday night, are one of the highlights of the conference, and remote delegates have the opportunity to participate in the show from wherever they are. Remote delegates will also get to participate in exclusive breakout sessions each morning, led by our phenomenal remote delegate team!

The remote delegate experience at NOAC 2024 is not something you’ll want to miss. Sign up today for $75 at this link: noac2024.oa-bsa.org/info/registration.