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NOAC Pacesetters: Innovating for Better Health

By Sean O.

The Pacesetters program at NOAC is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all Arrowmen. It offers a variety of activities focused on healthy cooking, medical education, and fitness challenges. Throughout the conference, Pacesetters organize engaging activities that encourage Arrowmen to apply their newfound skills back in their lodges and troops.

“Pacesetters was built upon the principles of the Scout Oath: physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight,” explains Pacesetters CVC Jacob Ball. Pacesetters aims to equip Arrowmen with essential life skills that they can share with their communities.

The impact of Pacesetters will extend far beyond NOAC itself. By participating in these activities, Arrowmen gain valuable knowledge and experiences that can benefit them long after the event ends. With over 6,000 Arrowmen attending from across the country, Pacesetters emphasizes the importance of maintaining good health so that everyone can fully enjoy all that NOAC has to offer.

Delegates have the opportunity to engage in various events organized by Pacesetters. From the Iron Chef Competition, which highlights the importance of healthy cooking, to physical challenges like the Brotherhood 5K and Triathlon, there’s something for Arrowmen of every skill level. For those who prefer team sports, lodge games such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball provide spirited competition. If you prefer a mental challenge, Pacesetters offers events like chess tournaments and Jeopardy nights to help you be mentally awake.

In a unique opportunity for the top lodge youth leaders, Pacesetters will also host the Lodge Chief Olympics. Lodge chiefs will compete in a series of fun tasks throughout the week, from cornhole to musical chairs, to determine the ultimate lodge champion.Pacesetters at NOAC is not just about competitions. It’s about fostering friendship, promoting health education, and inspiring lifelong skills and passion among Arrowmen. We look forward to seeing how you will test your mettle at NOAC Pacesetters competitions.