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Learn About Conservation With ACES

By Patrick R.

While you’re having fun at NOAC 2024 it’s important to remember the environment! Arrowmen for Conservation, Education, and Sustainability (ACES) seeks to bring the environment to you at NOAC 2024. ACES is made up of three separate pillars: service, training, and the ACES Village. 

Scouts perform service.The ACES service pillar will conduct trail work at various community areas throughout Boulder to help leave an impact on the surrounding community. Providing service is key to promoting conservation, which is what ACES is all about, and reflects the OA’s tenet of service. 

ACES also offers training sessions throughout NOAC on sustainability, such as instruction on using trail-building tools and forestry training. The pinnacle of these sessions will be the three-day Arrowmen Conservation School (ACS courses) which will teach Arrowmen about sustainability in a more advanced way. The first two days will consist of classroom teachings about tools, sustainability, and conservation. The last day will be hands-on training opportunities at trail-building sites putting the skills you learn to use.

Scouts observe plant lifeACES will once again offer its premier program opportunity, ACES Village, at NOAC 2024. Located at Sewall Field, ACES Village will run every day from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It will feature expos from organizations that share our mission of conservation and environmental sustainability. ACES Village is planning to include a booth by the US Forest Service, features on the principle of Leave No Trace, a visitor booth from every national high adventure base, and booths from local organizations, such as the Colorado Water Conservation Foundation. 

All together, ACES will feature many amazing and unique programs at NOAC. Each ACES area will have lots to offer and provide meaningful opportunities for all Arrowmen at NOAC. With service through trail work, unique training, and the ACES village, ACES will offer programs that you will not want to miss!