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Code the Future: Hackathon

Prepare to unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills at the 2024 NOAC Hackathon, an event poised to redefine innovation within the Order of the Arrow. This groundbreaking initiative offers youth and adults the opportunity to collaborate, ideate, and develop tangible solutions to the challenges faced by every lodge. Through engaging training, dynamic sessions, and a thrilling hackathon competition, participants will embark on a journey to revolutionize the organization through technology.

A High-Energy Experience
Join us for a thrilling adventure of innovation and collaboration at the NOAC 2024 Hackathon! Dive into an immersive experience designed to identify challenges, spark creativity, and craft solutions across all levels of the organization. From captivating presentations to a dynamic creativity and ideation session, every moment is infused with electrifying energy and excitement. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event that promises to elevate the Order of the Arrow to new heights.

New for 2024: Unlock the Intermediate Level Competition Track
In response to the resounding success of previous NOAC Hackathons, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Intermediate Level Competition Track for 2024. Tailored for participants with programming experience, this track provides the chance to create applications as part of the competition. There will be ample opportunities to learn about the OA technology suite of applications and contribute to your team’s success.

Planned Demonstrations and Presentations: Explore the Cutting Edge
Prepare to be inspired by a diverse lineup of demonstrations and presentations at the NOAC 2024 Hackathon. From discussions on the future of AI and ethical hacking to insights into internet security and robotics, there will be something for everyone. Delegates will delve into the capabilities of OA’s home-grown application suite, including OA LodgeMaster, ArrowID, and the National Order of the Arrow Registration System (NOAERS), and gain a deeper understanding of how these tools facilitate communication and collaboration within and between lodges and sections. Additionally, you won’t want to miss presentations from potential vendors and government agencies, which are sure to offer valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies and initiatives.

Training Opportunities: Elevate Your Skills
Just as important as showing off your skills is learning new ones. Delegates can maximize their potential with comprehensive training courses:

● Hackathon Mastery: Unleashing Innovation at the 2024 NOAC Hackathon: Gain valuable insights into problem-solving strategies, technology integration, effective group dynamics, and Hackathon rules. Empower yourself to thrive in the fast-paced, collaborative environment of the NOAC Hackathon.

● Hackathon Applications: Navigating Innovation-Unveiling the OA Suite of Applications: Discover the software that powers the OA and gain insights into its capabilities. Empower yourself with a deeper understanding of the tools that help run the OA, facilitating communication and collaboration within and between lodges and sections.

● Hackathon Code Crafting Essentials: Using Python for Success: Dive into the realms of Python programming and elevate your coding prowess. Designed as a refresher for those with basic Python knowledge, this session provides essential insights, resources, and strategies to empower you to ideate and innovate seamlessly in the dynamic world of hackathons.