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Guidelines: Ceremony Recognition Program

The Inductions and Ceremonial Events committee will offer Ceremony Evaluation and Exemplar programs to recognize ceremonialists who have dedicated themselves to the highest levels of ceremonial excellence.

The Ceremony Evaluation program recognizes teams who meet a high national standard as Honor Teams, determined by nationally certified Evaluators. The program motivates ceremonialists to achieve excellence, and above all, to improve the candidate experience. It does not rank one team, method, or lodge over another.

Ceremony evaluations will be offered in two formats: onsite and online video submission, which is a new option for NOAC 2024.

  • Onsite (live): Teams participating in an onsite evaluation will demonstrate the ceremony to NOAC evaluators in-person. Evaluators will review the ceremony demonstration, assign a rating, and provide verbal and written feedback.
  • Online video submission: Teams will be able to submit a recorded video of the ceremony, which will be reviewed by a NOAC evaluator, who will assign a rating and provide feedback (written or audio). The deadline for video submission is midnight (EDT) June 1, 2024

The Exemplar program is designed for experienced teams who have perfected the presentation of the ceremony and can serve as role models to other Arrowmen across the nation. Exemplar recognition requires that lodge teams demonstrate excellence and consistency. Teams are required to submit an online video of their pre-Ordeal and/or Brotherhood ceremony beginning on May 1, 2024, with a deadline of midnight (EDT) May 31, 2024. The best of the teams who demonstrate that they meet the highest standards via their video will be invited to a follow-on Exemplar demonstration and evaluation at the National Conference.

American Indian attire is not approved for use by ceremonialists at NOAC 2024. Ceremonialists can choose to wear one of the following options to participate in the 2024 NOAC Ceremony recognition programs:

  1. The Scout Field Uniform with the Order of the Arrow sash. Ceremonial medallion is required.
  2. The Alternative Ceremonial Clothing consisting of black shirt with black pants, with ceremonial medallion.

More information, including an overview of the entire process and guidelines can be found at the Inductions Portal on the Order of the Arrow website at https://oa-bsa.org/resources/inductions.