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Admonition Team Programming to Foster Inclusivity at NOAC

By Patrick R.

Are you ready to show your love for one another and NOAC 2024? Then check out the Admonition Team at NOAC! There’s a lot going on this year, and many new additions to the conference. The Admonition Team strives to make Scouts feel included, and it’s a group that represents what the Admonition of our organization stands for. The Admonition Team seeks to make you feel included and have a place to go and be with your fellow Arrowmen. Building a community and making an impact for scouts at NOAC 2024 is the ultimate goal for the Admonition Team!

Stop by the community spaces at NOAC and meet Arrowmen from all across the nation who have similar experiences. This NOAC will feature four different community spaces: ArrowPride, Women in Scouting, Scouts with Disabilities, and Scouts of Color. Within events at these community spaces, you will have the opportunity to meet important diverse leaders within the Order of the Arrow, such as Gateway Region Chair Tracy Atherton and National Photography Youth Lead Rachel Alexander. Each community space will be fully staffed with Scouts and Scouters excited to help make your NOAC experience more impactful. The spaces will also serve as a place to meet Arrowmen who are similar to you, participate in fun activities, and step into an environment designed for your comfort. The Admonition Team wants these places to serve as an area where you can feel included and valued at NOAC.

Aside from the community spaces, the Admonition Team will also feature various events and programs throughout the week. These programs will include different events like training, panels, and leadership discussions. Various trainings will be offered on topics like microaggressions, advising and supporting youth, and other topics centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as workshops on how to be an equitable and inclusive leader and mental wellness. NOAC will also feature panels on finance, religion, and autism in Scouting. Be sure to check out the ArrowPride national leadership panel and meet National Vice Chief John Andrew Segebarth and National Director Cortland Bolles.

 The Admonition Team will also feature different kinds of swag and gifts, such as neckerchiefs, stickers, wristbands, and more. This year, the Admonition Team will be based out of Eaton Hall and the green spaces around the building. Not only will the team have community spaces and training, but the team will also feature lunch and learn to educate Arrowmen about the specifics of each diverse community space represented at NOAC. Their goal at NOAC is to educate and inspire Arrowmen to love one another!